Technical Program

Day Time Activity Where
Nov 1st 08:00 Registration open Polydôme
  09:00 Opening speech Polydôme
  09:20 Keynote talk: Polydôme
    Prof. Haruhisa Kurokawa  
  10:20 Break Polydôme
  10:40 Oral Session 1: Localization and Navigation for Multi-Robot Systems Polydôme

Javier Alonso-Mora, Andreas Breitenmoser, Martin Rufli, Paul Beardsley and Roland Siegwart Optimal Reciprocal Collision Avoidance for Multiple Non-Holonomic Robots

Giannis Roussos and Kostas J. Kyriakopoulos Decentralized & Prioritized Navigation and Collision Avoidance for Multiple Mobile Robots (Slides) (Poster)

Eemeli Aro, Mika Vainio, Zhongliang Hu and Aarne Halme Coordinating a Group of Autonomous Robotic Floats in Shallow Seas (Slides) (Poster)

  11:40 Break Polydôme
  12:00 Oral Session 2: Formation and Spatial Structures using Multi-Robot Systems Polydôme

Thomas Lochmatter, Ebru Aydin, Iñaki Navarro and Alcherio Martinoli A Plume Tracking Algorithm based on Crosswind Formations

Panagiotis Tsiotras and Luis Ignacio Reyes Castro A Note on the Consensus Protocol with Some Applications to Agent Orbit Pattern Generation (Slides)

Robert Mullen, Dorothy Monekosso, Sarah Barman and Paolo Remagnino Reactive Coordination and Adaptive Lattice Formation in Mobile Robotic Surveillance Swarms

  13:00 Break and move to Salle Polyvalente  
  13:15 Lunch and poster session 1 (15 posters: all orally presented papers on Nov 1st, no poster-only presentation) Hall Polyvalente
  15:15 Oral Session 3: Robotic Networks with Communication Constraints Polyvalente

Randy Cortez, Rafael Fierro and John Wood Connectivity Maintenance of a Heterogeneous Sensor Network (Slides) (Poster)

Michael Otte and Nikolaus Correll Any-Com Multi-Robot Path-Planning: Maximizing Collaboration for Variable Bandwidth

Andrea Simonetto, Tamas Keviczky and Robert Babuska Distributed Algebraic Connectivity Maximization for Robotic Networks: A Heuristic Approach (Slides) (Poster)

  16:15 Break Hall Polyvalente
  16:35 Oral session 4: Coordination Strategies I Polyvalente

Yushan Chen, Xu Chu Ding, Alin Stefanescu and Calin Belta A Formal Approach to Deployment of Robotic Teams in an Urban-Like Environment (Slides) (Poster)

Francisco S. Melo and Manuela Veloso Heuristic Planning for Decentralized MDPs with Sparse Interactions (Slides)

Amir Asiaee Taheri, Mohammad Afshar and Masoud Asadpour Influence Maximization for Informed Agents in Collective Behavior (Slides) (Poster)

  17:35 Break Hall Polyvalente
  17:55 Oral Session 5: Distributed Coverage and Exploration Polyvalente

Giorgio Cannata and Antonio Sgorbissa A Distributed, Real-Time Approach to Multi-Robot Uniform Frequency Coverage (Slides)

Subhrajit Bhattacharya, Nathan Michael and Vijay Kumar Distributed Coverage and Exploration in Unknown Non-Convex Environments (Slides) (Poster)

James McLurkin, Andrew Lynch, Scott Rixner, Thomas W. Barr, Alvin Chou, Kathleen Foster and Siegfried Bilstein, A Low-Cost Multi-Robot System for Research, Teaching, and Outreach

Nov 2nd 9:15 Keynote talk: Polyvalente
    Prof. Raffaello D’Andrea  
  10:15 Break Hall Polyvalente
  10:30 Oral Session 6: Aerial Multi-Vehicle Systems Polyvalente

Daniel Mellinger, Michael Shomin, Nathan Michael and Vijay Kumar Cooperative Grasping and Transport using Multiple Quadrotors (Slides) (Poster)

Andrea Cristofaro, Alessandro Renzaglia, and Agostino Martinelli Distributed Information Filters for MAV Cooperative Localization (Slides)

Sabine Hauert, Severin Leven, Jean-Christophe Zufferey and Dario Floreano Beat-Based Synchronization and Steering for Groups of Fixed-Wing Flying Robots

  11:30 Break Hall Polyvalente
  11:50 Oral Session 7: Swarm Robotics I Polyvalente

T. William Mather, Christopher Braun and M. Ani Hsieh Distributed Filtering for Time-Delayed Deployment to Multiple Sites (Poster)

Dejan Milutinovic Utilizing Stochastic Processes for Computing Distributions of Large-Size Robot Population Optimal Centralized Control

Michael Bonani, Philippe Rétornaz, Stéphane Magnenat, Hannes Bleuler and Francesco Mondada Physical interactions in swarm robotics: the hand-bot case study (Slides) (Poster)

  12:50 Lunch and poster session 2 (14 posters: 6 orally presented papers on Nov 2nd, and 8 poster-only presentations) Hall Polyvalente

Prithviraj (Raj) Dasgupta and Ke Cheng Robust Multi-robot Team Formations using Weighted Voting Games

William C. Evans, Alexander Bahr and Alcherio Martinoli Evaluating Efficient Data Collection Algorithms for Environmental Sensor Networks (Poster)

Adam Halasz, Yanting Liang, M. Ani Hsieh and Hong-Jian Lai Emergence of Specialization in a Swarm of Robots

Patrick Martin, Jean-Pierre de la Croix and Magnus Egerstedt Pancakes: A Software Framework for Distributed Robot and Sensor Network Applications (Poster)

Ali Marjovi and Lino Marques Multi-Robot Topological Exploration Using Olfactory Cues (Poster)

Fabrizio Abrate, Basilio Bona, Marina Indri, Stefano Rosa and Federico Tibaldi Multi-Robot Map Updating in Dynamic Environments (Poster)

Qi An, Yusuke Ikemoto, Hajime Asama and Tamio Arai Analysis of Human Standing-up Motion Based on Distributed Muscle Control (Poster)

Takayuki Umeda, Kosuke Sekiyama and Toshio Fukuda Cooperative Distributed Object Tracking by Multiple Robots Based on Feature Selection

  14:50 Social event  
    Visit to Lavaux and Glérolles castle  
    Gala dinner at Beau Rivage Hotel  
    Gala talk by Prof. Dario Floreano  
Nov 3rd 9:15 Keynote talk: Polyvalente
    Prof. Radhika Nagpal  
  10:15 Break Hall Polyvalente
  10:30 Oral Session 8: Swarm Robotics II Polyvalente

Serge Kernbach Heterogeneous Self-Assembling based on Constraint Satisfaction Problem

Jan Dyre Bjerknes and Alan Winfield On Fault Tolerance and Scalability of Swarm Robotic Systems (Slides) (Poster)

Timothy Stirling and Dario Floreano, Energy-Time Efficiency in Aerial Swarm Deployment

  11:30 Break Hall Polyvalente
  11:50 Oral Session 9: Coordination Strategies II Polyvalente

Joanne Walker and Myra Wilson, Endocrine Control for Task Distribution among Heterogeneous Robots

Eliseo Ferrante, Manuele Brambilla, Mauro Birattari and Marco Dorigo, Socially-Mediated Negotiation for Obstacle Avoidance in Collective Transport (Slides) (Poster)

John Hawley and Zack Butler, Hierarchical Distributed Task Allocation for Multi-Robot Exploration (Slides) (Poster)

  12:50 Lunch and poster session 3 (14 posters: 9 orally presented papers on Nov 3rd, and 5 poster-only presentations) Hall Polyvalente

Simon Bjerg Mikkelsen, René Jespersen and Trung Dung Ngo Probabilistic Potential Field for Robot Formation

Patricio Nebot and Enric Cervera Visual-aided guidance for the maintenance of multi-robot formations (Slides)

Ryusuke Fujisawa, Hikaru Imamura and Fumitoshi Matsuno Cooperative transportation on Swarm Robot Using Pheromone Communication

Ellips Masehian and Davoud Sedighizadeh An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Method for Motion Planning of Multiple Robots (Slides)

Nicholas Hoff, Robert Wood and Radhika Nagpal Distributed Colony-Level Algorithm Switching for Robot Swarm Foraging (Poster)

  14:45 Oral Session 10: Modular Robotics Polyvalente

Robert Fitch and Rowan McAllister Hierarchical Planning for Self-Reconfiguring Robots Using Module Kinematics

Payam Zahadat, David Johan Christensen, Serajeddin Katebi and Kasper Stoy Sensor-coupled Fractal Gene Regulatory Networks for Locomotion Control of a Modular Snake Robot

Keyvan Golestan, Masoud Asadpour and Hadi Moradi A New Graph Signature Calculation Method Based on Power Centrality for Modular Robots

  15:45 Break Hall Polyvalente
  16:15 EESS & DARS Keynote talk: Polyvalente
    Prof. Gaurav S. Sukhatme  
  17:15 Wrap-up speech Polyvalente
  17:30 Farewell aperitif Polyvalente
  18:30 End of the conference


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