Travel Information

Traveling to Lausanne

Lausanne is nearest to Geneva Airport. Local trains between Geneva Airport and Lausanne are operated at a high frequency, roughly every 30 minutes. The total travel time from Geneva to Lausanne lies in the range 40-55 minutes, depending on the type of train taken (regional or express).
For detailed timetables, please visit the national train portal (SBB/CFF/FFS)..

Traveling to the EPFL

The EPFL is a 12-minute metro ride on the M1 line from the center of Lausanne (direction Renens-Gare), and is also conveniently accessible from Lausanne main train station (take the M2 from the main station to Flon, where you can then catch the M1). The EPFL metro stop is called 'EPFL'.
For detailed timetables, please visit the Lausanne transportation portal.. Also, please consult this interactive map.

Finding the conference venue

The conference registration desk is located at the PolydĂ´me (the first half day) and will then be moved to the Salle Polyvalente. Please confer the technical program for the rooms where the talks will be held.

Plan on how to join the registration desk from the metro station "EPFL* the first day:


Plan on how to join the registration desk from the metro station "EPFL* starting from the afternoon of first day:


Here you can find the plans in printing format for the first morning and the rest of the conference. You can also find the plans for joining the conference site from the Rolex Learning Center parking the first morning and the rest of the conference.

Practical Information

Please pay attention that the Swiss socket system is NOT compatible with most other systems, and dedicated adapters are necessary.
Hotels provide for free a public transportation which is valid within Lausanne. If you do not get one, please ask for it.
WARNING: On Sunday October 31st (day before the conference) we will have to change from summer time to winter time: at 3:00 in the night we will have to set back our clocks to 2:00 and will be able to sleep an additional hour...


Because of the dense public transportation system, please avoid as much as possible the use of private cars. If necessary, parking spots are available on campus, underneath the Rolex Learning Center (RLC). You can park on green locations with a specific DARS2010 parking authorization you can get at the RLC information desk, or at the DARS registration desk.